Reading Rainbow, Dominoes and a "We" Strategy

 Contributed by Patty Parker

Contributed by Patty Parker

Thanks to the internet sensation known as Netflix, my family has had the unique opportunity to instantly watch, with the touch of a button, many of the classics that my husband and I grew up watching! One recent addition to our Netflix Queue is Reading Rainbow.

I loved Reading Rainbow as a child! The theme song, the book reviews, the “Don’t take my word for it” phrase and seeing Lavar Burton without the Star Trek visor! {Seriously that really rocked my world as a child!}

Last weekend, we all sat down to watch Reading Rainbow as a family. In the episode, a gentleman set up literally hundreds of thousands of dominoes filling the inside of a high school gymnasium. It took lots and lots of time. It took precision and care. It required a big picture strategy. Then, with the flick of one finger the dominoes started falling over one by one, the actions of each domino affecting the one that followed. It was amazing!

Over the past three weeks, we've been focusing our energies on a scripture passage in Ephesians. Along the way, I'm sure you’ve heard the phrase we not me at least a few times.

But what does that mean on a Sunday morning? How do you prepare yourself for a we not me mindset as you are driving to church? How do you keep the we mentality alive as you participate in the service?

Seeing the big picture

Ephesians 4:16 says:

He makes the whole body grow and build itself up in love. Under the control of Christ, each part of the body does its work. It supports the other parts. In that way, the body is joined and held together.


A we not me mentality helps us see the big picture. If the body of Christ is really comprised of many parts, none greater than another and all doing a good work, then may we esteem all areas of ministry and service as truly valuable.

What happens on the preschool hallway is just as important as what is being said on stage. When the coffee is brewed with care it makes as huge a difference as the usher passing the offering plate or the worship pastor leading us in worship to our Risen Savior.

Seeing the value of each role

Ephesians 4: 11-13 says,

11 So Christ himself gave the gift of the apostles to the church. He gave the prophets and those who preach the good news. And he also gave the pastors and teachers as a gift to the church. 12 He gave all these people so that they might prepare God’s people to serve. Then the body of Christ will be built up.

I recently read an article about making visitors feel welcomed. Did you know that when you put yourself out there and get to know the mom sitting right beside you, it makes an even greater impact when she picks up her child from the children's ministry area?

When you greet with a smile and remember returning visitors by name, it makes a huge difference because someone noticed them and is thankful for their return.

Beyond visitors you can play your part in the domino effect when you offer to babysit a friend's children so they can seek out encouragement through a bible study. When you open your home for a group meeting, you are using your gifts. Stopping by the church to offer an hour of your time in the office is contributing to the big picture.

Everyone plays a part and every part is important. There are no leading roles and there are no understudies; only supporting roles that all point to Christ.

The next time you grab a cup of coffee before going into the service, remember that someone came early to brew it as unto the Lord. When you wash your hands and grab that paper towel, know that someone made sure that paper towel was available.

And consider your place! How can you contribute?  Is it prayer for the staff or answering phones during the week in the church office? Have you ever considered leading a Group? Do you have a heart for teens? Is it serving with children or making sure families feel welcomed and know where to go? Is it brewing coffee or using your voice or musical talent or tech skills for his honor?

It takes time and care to move from a me centered mentality to a we mindset. It requires a big picture strategy and lots and lots of teamwork. When we all take our place, however, and the dominoes start to fall over one by one the impact can be pretty amazing!

God has gifted each of us. Where do you fit into a we not me body of believers? We'd love to help you find your place!