Seeing Deeper Everyday

 contributed by Kevin Boyd

contributed by Kevin Boyd

Do you remember how popular those magic pictures were in the 90s?  They’re called “stereograms” (3D hidden pictures), and at the height of their popularity, you could find them on posters, t-shirts, notebooks, books, and they were a favorite in PowerPoint Presentations created on Microsoft Office 95!

It never really happened quickly for me, but I would stare hard and unmoving until the blur of colors began to take shape and a 3D image would come into focus.  What had seemed random and flat might become a person, an animal, or a beautiful garden scene (hint for the picture at the top).

This is what happens to us when we experience God: we aren’t given a new picture, but our "fellowship" with God brings our eyes into focus to see the deeper picture that’s already there.  It starts at our earliest moments of trusting Jesus, and the picture of God’s holiness, our sin, and Jesus’ grace become more and more 3-dimensional (bigger and more real).

I was reminded in this study of the conversion of the 18th century minister and theologian, John Wesley, who described attending church one evening, when against his will: “I felt my heart strangely warmed…and saw that Christ had taken away my sins (even mine!), and saved me from the law of sin and death.”  The picture was already before him, but now he saw the whole story with greater depth and personal experience.  For the person who walks in the Light (1 John 1:5-10), the picture just gets more and more beautiful and real, and allows us to daily walk in the Light!

As we really dive into our new series, EVERYDAY (advice from the little Johns), draw deeply on your fellowship with God.  Share in His vision, peace, power, and love in the midst of everything you do in everyday life.  As you do, you might just be surprised at what comes into focus.  It might just be that life can be more beautiful and the spiritual things more tangible than you realized.