This Christmas Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the busiest time of the year. Last minute trips to the mall, Christmas parties, and Santa visits all make for a very busy countdown to the new year. In the frantic pace that is quite impossible to avoid, may we remind you of:

 Three People You Need to Remember This Christmas Season

#1 Remember Your Neighbors

Christmas is a great time to represent the everlasting joy that comes with a relationship with Jesus. Instead of opening and closing the garage door quickly, try pulling out of the driveway slowly. Wave at your neighbors. Consider leaving 5 minutes earlier than you should in order to make time for those impromptu conversations with neighbors who may be out for a walk. Will your neighbor will be out of town over the holidays? Offer to keep an eye on their house or check their mail while they are gone. Have a Grinch in your neighborhood? Love them through a good deed or a dinner invitation.  

#2 Remember Your Co-Workers

Allow the Holy Spirit to help you see the value in the relationships you have at work. Pray for opportunities to reflect Christ in this season of haste to meet deadlines. Cast a glance at your cubemate. Is there anything you can do to help him? Does he need a fresh cup of coffee? Walk a little slower in the hallway between meetings. Make eye contact and say, “Hello”.  At the holiday party, instead of saying a token “Merry Christmas”, try extending a friendly handshake and ask: “How are the holidays treating you this year?” And then…wait for their answer. Who knows what God-ordained conversation may be on the other end of that sincere question mark!

#3 Remember Your Church

It’s easy to think that just because you are in the holiday spirit that everyone is elbow deep in Christmas cheer.  Consider those in your Lifegroup or friends you serve alongside in ministry who might be having a very difficult Christmas this year. Perhaps they’ve lost a loved one or their financial situation has changed. Maybe 2016 will go down in history as a year they wish they could forget. True, we have the hope of Christ living inside of us, however, we are still susceptible to being weighed down by the worries and grief of this world. Ask the Holy Spirit to use you to be the hope-filled encouragement your fellow-believer needs. Whether it’s an unexpected tray of cookies or an invitation to welcome in the new year with your family, this small act of kindness is what Christmas is all about. (Isaiah 61:1).

Our prayer for you this Christmas is simple. We pray you will SEE.

See your neighbors.

See your co-workers.

See your Church. 

Be it an offer for fresh coffee or an invitation to dinner or an unexpected treat, you can remember your neighbors, co-workers and church. Love them where they are and let Christ’s spirit, the true Christmas spirit, shine brightly in your life this Advent season.