Sunday, March 12th

READ: Matthew 5:21-26


One thing Jesus is doing during the Sermon on the Mount is giving His listeners a new paradigm in which to understand the law of God, something that would blow the minds of 1st century Jews and should blow the minds of 21st century Christians as well.

In His sermon to His disciples, Jesus teaches the outward demands of the law as contrasted with the inner attitude of a person’s heart. He is saying it is not good enough to behave a certain, positive way if the root of your behavior is not found in the condition of your heart. Namely a heart that seeks God and His honor.

As a retail manager during college I saw many coworkers act friendly towards customers only to speak with vitriol once the customer left. On the surface it looked as if our employees were doing the right thing but internally they were guided by the angry condition of their heart. How they acted was not noble when they allowed their attitudes to be so poor.

And as Jesus continues His teaching about anger He implores people to be reconciled with others before worship. This is God’s desire that you would be reconciled to others while you are worshiping Him rather than attempting to worship God while harboring anger towards others. And while many of my coworkers never took the step of reconciliation with our customers, if there is someone you are harboring anger towards, will you step out this week and seek to reconcile with them?

PRAY: Heavenly Father, I thank You that You care for the condition of my heart and my actions. I pray that I would not act one way with people all while storing up anger for them in my heart. I ask that I would be strengthened by Your Spirit to let go of any anger I have and that I would have the boldness to reconcile with any person I may have anger towards. May I be reconciled with them as You have reconciled me to You through Your Son, Jesus Christ.