Monday, March 13th

READ: 1 Corinthians 3:16

Paul wrote to the church in Corinth that he’d started; in the years since he left them, quarrels and depravity abounded. As Paul points them back to the truth of the Gospel, he reminds them that as believers, they are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in their midst. This verse comes alive for us when we step on the scale, but Paul wrote it with their souls in mind, to remind them that God hand-crafted them and put His Spirit in them.

Think back to the last time there was anger between you and a fellow believer. As tempers flare, it’s easy to forget that you were both hand-made by God and both equally filled by the Holy Spirit since the moment you first believed in Christ as Savior. If we’re not on guard, we get hyper-focused on being right and ignore that we’re furious with a fellow co-heir in Christ! How would stopping to thank God for all of these truths impact your disagreement?

Might it calm you both enough to seek His leadership together to resolve your dispute?

How about anger between you and a non- believer? They certainly aren’t seeing you as filled with the Holy Spirit if they don’t believe one exists! But as believers, we know something that they don’t: Jesus died for them and longs to bestow His righteousness on them. Regardless of the dispute, we should treat them with grace and dignity, because Christ's grace in us may be the only grace they see that day.

PRAY: Lord, forgive me when my anger’s impact on me seems bigger than Your Holy Spirit who is at work in me. Regardless of the dispute, focus me on what I have in common with my fellow believer and what I so long to have in common with non-believers: that You made us and sent Your Spirit to change us to be more like Jesus. In His Name I pray.