READ: Matthew 5:21-26

What makes you angry? What pushes your buttons? Sometimes we get angry over the right things, but the norm seems to be anger over the wrongs things.

In Matthew 5, Jesus gives us an “early warning system” regarding anger. He links anger and murder together because at the core of all murder is anger. Don’t dismiss your anger because you think it’s not hurting anyone. Anger leads to hatred, and in 1 John 3:15, we see that a person who hates his brother is consumed with the same devastating emotions that consume the murderer. This kind of anger always leaks out. It always manifests itself in some way. It destroys our joy, deteriorates our compassion, detracts from our mission to love others.

Jesus commands His followers to deal with the heart of the matter, and not just the after effects. Deal with it now!

Reconciliation is a prerequisite to worship (see vv 23-24). Settle disputes quickly before there is hell (on earth) to pay!

God knows the unnecessary pain that anger can bring to a life, to a family, to a church. To spare us this sadness and bring glory to His Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16), Jesus calls us to live a life of peace and unity, a life of forgiveness and reconciliation. This is only possible by His grace and through His power. Don’t ignore the warning siren of Matthew 5:21-26. Deal with it quickly! 

PRAY: Jesus, may Your peace and patience, Your love and Your joy, press out my anger against others. May I be filled with Your love, and may that love drive me to reconciliation with others and being a peacemaker wherever I go.