READ: Genesis 37:12-28

I have an older sister. Now that we are both grown up, we have a great relationship and love to be around each other. Growing up, though, we were often at odds. I was the pesky little brother who liked to bug his sister. She was the older sister who used to pick on this little brother. With all that said, not once did I ever believe my sister didn’t love me. Not once was I ever scared she would throw me in the car, drive me to an abandoned truck stop, and kick me out with no way home. This is essentially what happened to Joseph.

Joseph was loved deeply by his father. Jacob left no question as to how much he cared for his son. He had a lot of sons, but only one got the infamous coat of many colors (they even made a movie about it; he was that important). His brothers hated him for that. They kidnapped him, sold him into slavery, and told everyone that he was dead.

They didn’t take the time to make things right with Joseph; they just got rid of him. Thankfully (spoiler alert), in the long run, God used Joseph’s ordeal to save his family from ruin.

We should take a lesson from Joseph’s playbook. His brothers hated him and literally sold him as a slave. When he had the opportunity to get them back for their hate, what did he do? He loved them. He treated them with kindness and provided for their needs. He took his brothers in and showed them compassion. Love those around you this week. Don’t let hatred or disagreements affect the bonds God has built.

PRAY: God, who do I need to get right with this week? Who do I need to forgive? Who do I need to love? What relationship do I need to rebuild?