READ: Matthew 5:33-48


Jesus was pretty much laying it out what it meant to truly have life the way God intended for us to have. Man had constantly pushed towards what he wanted. Jesus was now telling the crowd how to have life in the most complete and fulfilling way possible.

Be truthful and take a stand; let what you say mean something. Quit being so selfish; give more of yourself. Start loving those who are hard to love; you might want to even pray for them.

Stuff is going to happen; quit thinking about yourself all the time. Make a difference by getting your eyes off of yourself and on to others who are around you.

Jesus was shooting straight with the people He loved and came to give His life for. You know what? Nothing has changed since then.

God offers unconditional love and forgiveness to everyone exceptions.

He desires for everyone to get their eyes off of themselves by trusting all that they are and have to His son, Jesus. We’re the ones who make it difficult. We want our stuff, our calendar, our friends, our way. Let’s face it, we’re pretty selfish and our egos are usually not worth writing home about. What if we let God begin to remold us, change our hearts and give us compassion for a non-believing world? Things will truly start to take off. Is it worth the price we need to pay? He did!

PRAY: Dear Jesus, help us realize how self-centered we can be. Please give us the understanding and desire to yield ourselves totally to You. Help us to be vessels for change, not for deterioration. God, help us be different. Help us be difference makers.