READ: 1 Peter 1:13-25

Recently, we introduced our children to the movie, The Lion King. It’s a humorous story with endearing characters and catchy songs. One scene, however, has left quite an impression on me. It’s where a lion named Scar causes the King of the Pride, Mufasa, to plummet to his death. Although it is a disturbing scene, the king’s death isn’t the part that haunts me. Scar and Mufasa are brothers! Jealousy has taken such a visceral hold of Scar’s heart that their blood connection means nothing to him.

As we read this passage from Peter, there’s a common theme throughout: HOLINESS. He urges us to set our minds on holiness. How do we do this?

When we keep our minds on Christ. “Okay. I can do that! “

Also, when we keep Jesus in everything we do.

“Sure, no problem!”

There’s one more very important act. LOVE. Sincere, brotherly love.


This is hard. The examples in our everyday lives do not always show this deep abiding sibling love. Just look at Scar and Mufasa! Verse 14 tells us to leave behind our evil ways that were present before Jesus invaded our lives. When we walk in the holiness that comes because of what Jesus did on the cross, we find love. Sincere and deep love for others. Even our enemies. It’s not natural. And yet, the more we pursue Christ, the more holy we become, and the more we find we can love from a place of sincere esteem for others.

PRAYJesus, We are so glad that You love us. Help us to regard others with the same sacred love. Help us to love others not out of obligation but out of the overflow of the abundant life taking up residence within our hearts. To be a true follower of Christ, we must be holy. To be holy we must love others. And we can’t love without the holiness that comes through Christ. Bring us back to the Cross. May we linger a while longer as we treasure the gift of love given to us in spite of our sins. And may we love others as extravagantly as we have been loved by You.