Just Breathe

Friday, March 3rd

READ: Luke 10:38-42

My husband recently bought me a smart watch. I have loved playing with all the new features. The watch makes the claim that it will help in one’s overall health by reminding the wearer to take a minute and “breathe” throughout the day. As funny as that may sound it’s true. What’s sad is that we live in a world where we have to be reminded by our technology to take a moment, pause, and simply breathe.

However, this is really not a new concept at all. Remember Mary and Martha? They were hosting a party where Martha ran around trying to get things done – much like we do in our busy lives today. But Mary took a moment to sit at Jesus' feet. It was then that Jesus proclaimed, “Mary has chosen what is better.”

And what was that? To sit and simply breathe at the feet of Jesus. That’s why Lent is so important; because it helps give us a reminder to celebrate what is better…just as Mary did. Don’t miss out on the blessing of simply breathing at the feet of Jesus!

PRAY: Dear Lord, amid our busy schedules and daily pulls of life, we pause to just sit in Your presence. We want to honor You and all the blessings You have provided in our lives. Give us moments to rest in Your presence. We ask that You continue to teach us that in Your presence life is truly better.