Jesus Says, Happy Is...

Sunday, March 5th

READ: Matthew 5:1-13

Jesus says these are the marks of a supremely happy life…and not just feeling kind of happy, but “blessed.” The word "blessed" conveys perfect happiness that doesn’t depend on outward circumstances. He established a reality that God makes possible for those who live according to His countercultural kingdom. And look at the tone of Jesus’ words…Life in the Kingdom is a BLESSED LIFE. He says “you are so fortunate if you are like this.”

Jesus had described how people live in His kingdom…this is the Kingdom Way…the Right Way…and it operates on a totally different path than the world. Instead of celebrating self-achievement and being selfserving…it celebrates self-poverty and selflessness towards others. Instead of running when hurt, it celebrates faithful endurance. Instead of celebrating the person who won the social media argument, it celebrates the pure in heart and the peacemakers.

That makes Kingdom-dwellers odd in the eyes of the world.

These words from Jesus are at the heart of who He is and what He is about. In them we find both an announcement that people like this are very blessed, and they also contain an implicit invitation to become this kind of person.

In Matthew 5:13, Jesus said that Christians are the salt of the earth. By being in the world and living in close proximity to people who don’t know God, we are helping to preserve the atmosphere of love, unity, and healthy interpersonal relationships that God originally intended for humankind. May the overflow of our blessed, happy, and fortunate relationship with Jesus stand out, and may the Lord use it to bring the flavor of Jesus to all the earth.

Be encouraged today. You are precious, valuable, and you are the preservative that God is using in the earth today! Go and be the kingdom of God on this day, and be the Salt of the Earth!

PRAY: Lord God, may the life of Christ be felt and seen in me today. Help me to repent of the arguments I am drawn into. Help me to set aside my hurts for Jesus’ joys. Help me to stop seeking my glory for Yours. Help me to be a person of mercy, of peace, and of forgiveness.