Tuesday, March 7th

READ: 1 Samuel 19:11-18

David has one of the most tumultuous stories in the Bible. He was a shepherd boy who was chosen by God to lead a nation. He was fearless around things that endangered his flock, even fearless in the face of a giant endangering his people. He was an anointed king of Israel, but was forced to run from his life to save his life. He was a king, he was an adulterer, and he was father to the wisest man to ever live. Valleys and peaks are a small picture of David’s life.

Saul pursued him for one reason: to kill him. Saul didn’t want to give up his kingdom. He was the boss and this kid wasn’t going to dethrone him. David took off and in doing so protected a future legacy that would serve as an example to this day.

After years of running, he finally became king, freely danced before God, failed miserably at times, but became known as the man after God’s own heart.

Most of the time when something bad happens, I feel like I am personally being attacked. Thankfully I’ve never had someone trying to kill me (that I know about...), but I’ve had times where all I could do is run. Very rarely do I do like David. He stepped back, got out of the situation, and waited for God to work. I love the adage – let go and let God. That’s what David did. He let go of the situation, went about his life how he could, and let God move. Imagine how much peace we would see if we just let God do His work.

PRAY: God, where can I step back and let You work? Show me how to let go, and let You work.