Wednesday, March 8th

READ: Psalm 37

I once had a teacher who would always say,“the meek may inherit the earth, but they don’t get participation points!”

As a soft-spoken high school student, this often applied to me. I had trouble speaking up over the other much louder, fervent voices in class to state my opinion and earn the much needed participation points that contributed to my grade. We all shouted and clamored over each other to gain something for ourselves, not pausing to actually hear what the other had to say.

In our culture, the word meek has a negative connotation. It carries with it a sense that to be meek is to be weak. That’s not the connotation the Bible uses when describing the meek, however.

In Psalm 37, a meek person is praised as one who trusts in God, and therefore does not worry about evildoers. The meek commit their ways to the Lord, not this world, and live with a renewed hope in the promises of God. Meek people carry strength of character and treat others well. Blessed are those who are meek.

PRAY: God, help me to be a person who pursues You instead of the ways of this world. May I find my strength and peace in You and Your Word. Humble me and make me meek so that I might honor You.