Change is  __________.  Wow, there are a lot of words that could fill in that blank! 

Some people love change, while for others it is a great source of fear and anxiety, but change is always a part of life. 

At the core of christianity, we are a people changed (and being changed daily) by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a church, we want to embrace the change God wants for us.  His desire is that we would find our IDENTITY in Jesus and our place in His MISSION to IMPACT the world through the gospel!  That Change is _Good_.


WEEK 1 - JANUARY 8, 2017
MATTHEW 28:16-20

We’re living in a time of unprecedented change in business, in healthcare, in technology, in the way we work and communicate, and in the way we relate. So much of the change we experience in life is stuff that is completely out of our control, and that is why we often fear change.  In Matthew 28, however, we find a change we can embrace. 

WEEK 2 - JANUARY 15, 2017
"I am Changes who I am"
exodus 3 & 34

It is very tempting to define ourselves by our circumstances, our successes and failures, or even our relationship status. However, when we look around us to define who we are, the typical result is insecurity. In Exodus, we learn that God has made us, He's formed us, He knows us, and we can find out who we are when we look to Him.


WEEK 3 - JANUARY 22, 2017

We are a church on mission, but a church on mission can accomplish very little if there isn't crystal clear clarity about exactly what the mission is and how to accomplish it. So how do we get that clarity? In the book of Nehemiah, we find some direction. 

WEEK 4 - JANUARY 29, 2017
ESTHER 4:7-17

The mission that drives us, at Legacy Church, is to help people find their identity in Jesus, and their place in his mission to impact the world through the Gospel. We want to help people trust Jesus for everything in this life and beyond, but what does this look like in real-life? In the book of Esther, we learn just how to land the plane.