Church Songs don't hold any authority in and of themselves, but well picked ones (and I think we have a good history of picking pretty good songs) point outside of themselves to the authority of the Word of God, which reveals the heart, mind, and will of God to us. They point us to truth, stir our spirits to worship, and inspire us to live faithfully.  

WEEK 1 - november 13, 2016
"this i believe"
1 timothy 4

Our culture has progressively become more and more post-Christian. We’ve all but lost our protective bubble of morality, and the voice of the Christian, and the authority of the Bible, has never seemed so out of place. How can we be sure that what we believe is the truth? In 1 Timothy 4, Paul shares with his protégé’ Timothy, who found himself surrounded by religious plurality, false teaching and confusing ideas, wise counsel from which we can all learn. 

WEEK 2 - NOVEMBER 20, 2016
"holy, holy, holy"
Isaiah 6:1-8

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. High thoughts or low thoughts about God determine how we view ourselves, how we view successes and failures in this world, how we view trouble in the world, and how we spend our energy, our efforts and our days.  In Isaiah 6, the prophet Isaiah looked at a year of turnover, of loss, of identity crisis, and of national confusion, and saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple.


WEEK 3 - NOVEMBER 27, 2016
"Christ be all around me"
psalm 139:7-12
Kirk gentzel

What you think about God determines what you think, say and do. Unfortunately, there is often dissonance between what we say we believe and what we actually believe. Unconscious scripts and emotions work against those deeply held beliefs. We ask, "Where is God?" God goes to great lengths, however, to remind us that he will never leave us or forsake us. God lives in us. We learn throughout scripture, that there are places where God is not only present, but there in a special way.