palm Sunday - APRIL 9, 2017
JOHN 12:12-19

The events of Palm Sunday inspire, confound, convict and reveal the goodness of Jesus to us in amazing ways. Although the Jews were looking for a king who would bring a revolution, we learn in John 12, that Jesus had a different plan. He knew there was an eternity-wide chasm between what the Jews wanted and what they needed. This story, just beneath the surface, would change everything. For them and for us as well.

good friday - APRIL 14, 2017
"To Live, Christ. To Die, Gain"
philippian 1:20-21
jj mcleod

Like a storybook or a fairy tale, the impact of the Cross can be powerful but quickly forgotten once the book has closed and the season has passed. Paul, however, believed there was no life apart from knowing God. He says “To live is Christ. To die is gain”. In Philippians 1 we learn that this oft-quoted passage has more to it than we realize.

easter sunday - APRIL 16, 2017
"what easter means"
john 21
kirk gentzel

The resurrection is about the victory of God, but for individuals the resurrection meant special things.  For Mary Magdalene, the resurrection meant learning what God is really like. For Thomas, the resurrection meant empirical proof that Jesus was alive. For Peter, in a very tangible way, the resurrection meant a second chance, a real opportunity at forgiveness. This second chance is for us as well and it’s all our hearts have longed for.