WEEK 1 - January 7th, 2018
"what is faith"
hebrews 11:1-19
Kirk gentzel

We're all familiar with the word faith. A simple definition is trust in someone or something. But what does faith in Jesus look like? How do we move from faith that God exists to faith in God. In Hebrews we learn what faith really is. 

WEEK 2 - January 14th, 2018
"what faith"
James 2:14-26
Kevin boyd

Faith is progressive. It grows in us as we live and practice our faith. But how do we know if what we call faith is true and growing? In James 2, we learn what true faith  looks like in a Christian. 

WEEK 3 - January 21st, 2018
"what faith does"
James 2:21-26
Kevin boyd

God's word is like a mirror and it has a purpose of reflection in our lives. In James, we learn we can either approach life angry at God and rebellious against his commands or humble before God and receptive of what he's given us. 

WEEK 4 - January 28th, 2018
"deo volente"
James 4:13-17
Kevin boyd

Faith is not just something that touches us on the outside but it informs our minds. It does so by engaging our hearts. The result is that our lives are being transformed. In James 4, we learn that God sometimes interrupts our plans.  

WEEK 4 - FEbruary 4th, 2018
"steady as you go"
hebrews 6
Kirk gentzel

We all need an anchor that we can hold onto in the midst of storms, struggles and transition. But what is that anchor? What keeps our faith from drifting when we face difficulty? In the book of Hebrews, we find two unchangeable things to which we can hold fast regardless of our circumstances. 

WEEK 5 - february 11th, 2018
"Friend of god"
genesis 12-20
Kevin boyd

Oftentimes it is the extraordinary experiences in life to which we more readily apply our faith. However, life is filled with every day ordinary experiences that can trip us up. In the book of Genesis we learn about Abraham, who had extraordinary faith for the big stuff but failed from time to time with the small stuff, and yet he was still called a friend of God.