Dedication of Home and Family


On Sunday November 29th, four families participated in Dedication of Home and Family. Dedication of Home and Family is the act of a family choosing that their entire household will serve the Lord.
It’s more than a moment on the stage. It’s more than a beautiful picture displayed on a larger than life screen.  DOHAF, as it is lovingly regarded, is a spiritual milestone. It’s a step towards God and away from self (the world). It’s a statement to God that says: “I love you. I love this child and knowing you is more important than anything else. More than a dance career. More than sports or education. Knowing Jesus is the most important decision my child can make. A household that honors God is the most important priority".


Consider for a moment your own family. If you were to close your eyes as you rock your sweet newborn and imagine them 25 years from now rocking their own precious bundle of blue or pink, what would you hope they had gained from their time in your loving care?

As memories of life flash before you: dance recitals, soccer games, spelling bees, homecoming dances, SAT's and college applications.

Where was Jesus?

As important as all those memories are, the spiritual well being of both yourself and your family is more important.  


When Hannah prayed for a child she promised God that she would give the child back to the Lord. And she did. We read in 1 Samuel 1:9-28 the story of Hannah’s hopes and dreams for a child, a promise to give that child back to the Lord and her fulfillment of that promise. When the child was old enough, Hannah brought him to the tabernacle and left Samuel with Eli. She literally gave the child to the Lord.

Although giving children to the Lord is not as literal an action as Hannah dropping Samuel off at the tabernacle, when we give our children to the Lord, the heart behind dedicating our children must be the same. They are not ours. They belong to God.



Joshua 24:15 says “...choose for yourselves who you will serve...but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

We are proud of these families that have taken this first step in choosing the Lord and His ways for their family.