Helping Kids Trust Jesus: What It Really Means

Parenting is hard stuff. It is definitely not for the faint of heart as they say. 

As I parent children ages 4, 2 and "new", I am learning daily how very little is truly in my control. From the vast differences in their birth stories to the striking contrasts in their personalities, it is becoming pretty clear that I and my husband don't have a lot of say in how our kids will turn out. Most of that is decided prior to birth: their hair color, hand dominance, personality...these are all pretty much set before we lay eyes on our precious bundles of joy. Even their aptitude towards education, sports and music is mostly genetic predisposition. 

But there is one thing I do have the opportunity to help shape. The one thing I can do to better my child's future is to guide them spiritually. 

I get the opportunity every day to help them make the best choices, learn about God, and increase their understanding of what the Bible is really all about. And one day, I hope to witness a most miraculous event in the lives of my children: the day they each surrender their hearts and future to Christ. The day they go from witnessing my faith in Jesus to trusting him for themselves.


What a huge undertaking and great weight of responsibility that is.  

Thankfully are not alone.

KidStreet wants to partner with each parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, foster parent and friend involved in the life of a child to help them on this journey of raising Christ followers. 

KidStreet uses and provides some pretty amazing resources to parents. There's a lot of them, too:  

  • Parent Cues
  • God Time Pages
  • Family Worship pages
  • Weekly e-mails
  • Facebook posts
  • and Milestone classes... just to name a few! 

Although it's all helpful, it can also be a bit daunting to take it all in and even know where to begin implementing it all!


In the coming weeks, we'll dive into what those resources look like and how parents can start using them to help their families learn about God and strengthen their relationship with Him. 


Here are a few of the topics we'll cover:

The First Look Curriculum

The 252 Basics Curriculum

What in the World is DOHAF? 

What is Diving In?

Family Worship: How to engage your entire family

What's a God Time page? 

Red, Yellow, Orange? What does it mean? 

We hope you'll enjoy this informative series on helping your family trust Jesus!