Meet Sarah and Mia Frazier

Meet Sarah Frazier and her daughter Mia! This dynamic duo serves twice a month in the Block working with the First Graders!




Sarah started volunteering with KidStreet when her daughter was five and now she’s 13! Sarah has filled multiple roles including teaching on the preschool hall, acting as coordinator for the Block and now she serves alongside her daughter Mia working with the 1st graders twice a month. When asked why she started volunteering, Sarah said: “At the time, I wanted to be able to serve doing something where I could still spend time with my daughter.  Later, I realized it had become such a rhythm in my life that when I didn't volunteer in KidStreet I actually missed it! Now it is a great way for my teenage daughter and I to serve together”.


Here’s a few neat tidbits we found out about Sarah and Mia



KidStreet: What is your day job?

Sarah: I am in Corporate Human Resources for Wells Fargo, as a project implementation consultant.

Mia: I'm in 7th grade.  ;-)


KidStreet: What is something unique about you we may not know:

I am a single mom so I "get it" when people say it is hard to fit in one more thing into the schedule.  That's why KidStreet is such a great place to serve - you can be with your kiddos while you serve, whether they attend KidStreet or serve with you.

Mia: When I'm older I want to go to Asia on a mission trip.


KidStreet: What is your favorite food

Sarah: that's a tough one because I have lots of favorites! But I love thin-crust wood fired pizza (like Urban Crust or Fireside Pies) ;-)

Kidstreet: What is your favorite hobby?

Mia:I really like drawing in my free time


Kidstreet: Why do you volunteer?

Mia: So we could be around kids and be able to do something active and fun during church.


KidStreet: What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Sarah: Two things come to mind - first, the kids we get to serve are such a joy.  Most Sundays I feel like I am more blessed by them than they are by me.  ;-)  Second, it is so cool now being able to serve alongside my daughter and see her use her own gifts to pour into the kids.

Mia: I know that the kids enjoy being in there with me, and they are also learning about the Bible.


Kidstreet: Any fun stories you would like to share about your experiences with working with the children?

Sarah: in a recent lesson, we were learning about kindness, and each child labeled a sheet of paper with their own name, and then passed the page around the group and each child wrote one kind thing about the person whose name was on that page.  My daughter participated as well and so I got to read what they wrote, and it was so precious!  Things like "you're a good friend" and a "good teacher", and even "I love you".  ;-)


Kidstreet: what would you tell someone on the fence about volunteering?

Sarah: I would tell them that God will use your service in ways that you don't even realize now.  And I promise, you will be blessed!  Simple things like just getting a hug from a child on a Sunday morning can be so heartwarming and special.

Mia: It is super fun and you will not regret it!

KidStreet is so thankful for the eternal impact Sarah and Mia are making in the lives of our first graders! Next time you see them, be sure to give them a high five and thank them for being one of KidStreet’s finest!