Meet Jen Worsham

If you have ever been on the Preschool Hallway you may have noticed some beautiful canvases hanging on the walls. You’ll find a lemonade stand and a swing, You’ll spy a bucket and a rake. These beautiful canvases that help bring life and excitement to our Backyard were painted by a talented woman named Jen Worsham who donated her time and resources to create them.


In addition to her creative talents, Jen lends a hand twice a month in the Backyard as a teacher.

Recently we had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about why she volunteers with KidStreet.


KidStreet: How long have you been a part of KidStreet Volunteer Staff?

Jen: I have been working as a KidStreet Volunteer since fall of 2013.

KidStreet: In what area do you currently serve?

Jen: I serve in the 4’s classroom. I served in the 3’s classroom last year, so I followed my kids into the next year. This has given me the opportunity to be a familiar face to some of the children, and develop a better relationship (read: trust) with them over the years.

KidStreet: Why did you start volunteering? 

Jen: I taught Kindergarten/First Grade at a Montessori school years ago. I was looking for a place to volunteer, and children’s ministry seemed like the obvious choice. I love watching children learn!

KidStreet: Has your reason for volunteering changed?

Jen: I don’t think the reason has changed, it’s just grown. Now I have a relationship with these kids and feel like an important part of their week.

KidStreet: What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Jen: The smiles – they are pure and beautiful and I know where they are coming from. They’re stemming from the love and excitement that the kids feel in the house of God.

KidStreet: Any fun stories you would like to share about your experiences with working with the children?

Jen: I’ll never forget the day that we were in the Treehouse and a volunteer was leading the worship. She asked her son to come up and help her teach everyone a new song. This exercise moved me to tears, because you could really see the light shining out of the child. It was a true testament to the volunteer as a mother, and to the KidStreet family for encouraging his learning and willingness to get up in front of everyone without an ounce of fear. I just kept thinking, “THIS is why we are here.”

KidStreet: What would you tell someone on the fence about volunteering?

Jen: Do it. It’s not work – it’s play. You get to be a part of these children’s learning and development, and that is a true blessing.

KidStreet: What is your day job?

Jen: I am an Account Manager for a Real Estate Auction firm in Dallas. It’s pretty high-stress, which is another reason why I love my Sunday’s volunteering with the kids. It helps me remember the important things in life – like play dough, make-believe castles, and dancing to happy music.

KidStreet: What is your favorite color?

Jen: grey

KidStreet: What is your favorite food?

Jen: pizza/pasta and anything with cheese (gosh, I wish my answer was “veggies!”)

KidStreet: What is your favorite sports team?

Jen: University of Georgia Bulldogs – particularly their football team. Go Dawgs! My husband would kill me if I didn’t also say the Mavs and the Cowboys ;)

KidStreet: What is your favorite hobby?

Jen: art and blogging, both of which I wish I had more time to spend on

KidStreet: Anything unique about yourself you would like to share?

Jen: Organizing and cleaning are forms of stress-relief for me. In a dream world, my occupation would be either a professional organizer or a professional Pinterest-pinner.


KidStreet is honored to have Jen as a part of our volunteer staff. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet her and thank her for all she does, be sure to give her a shout out on Facebook or stick a card in the mail. Without volunteers like Jen, KidStreet could not exist!