Meet Carolyn Martin

Did you know that KidStreet has over 60 volunteers who give of their time to make sure that the children’s ministry is a success each week? Without the love and hard work of our volunteers, KidStreet WOULD NOT be possible. We’d love to introduce you some of our shining stars.



Meet Carolyn Martin. Carolyn has been a part of the volunteer staff with KidStreet for the past 18 months. She came on board in September of 2013 when there was a great need for volunteers. The preschool hallway was very short staffed and Carolyn responded to the need with a resounding “yes”!

We loved getting to know Carolyn better and we know you will too!

KidStreet: What is your day job?

Carolyn: I work at Mary Kay Inc. in the packaging art department. I review copy and translations before it goes to the production artists to create Mary Kay packaging art.


KidStreet: In what area of KidStreet do you currently serve? Have you served in other areas?

Carolyn: I serve with the three-year-olds Sunday morning, and that's the same thing I did last year.

KidStreet: You have a very special story of why you said ‘yes’ to volunteering in children’s ministry. Will you share that with us?

Carolyn: A couple of years ago I was very touched by the way my LifeGroup and other people in the church ministered to me when I had to go through cancer treatment. I told God at that time that I would serve Legacy in whatever capacity He wanted, in order to repay the kindness I received from people here when I was sick. So when I heard of this need, I said "yes." I was reluctant to do so because I've never had kids of my own and I wasn't very comfortable working with kids, but I still didn't want to be the cause of new young families not being blessed by the ministry here at Legacy.

KidStreet: Why do you volunteer now?

Carolyn: I volunteer now partly because I really learned a lot last year about how to interact with small children, so I want to use that training. However, I also really enjoy the children. I have been amazed at how quickly the children develop in their abilities and interpersonal skills in just a few months. And I'm also thankful to be used by God to tell children that He loves them. I know these early formative years are so important in a person's concept of God and the likelihood that boy or girl will come to have a relationship with Christ, so I'm grateful to be one small link in helping kids build a spiritual foundation of understanding that God loves them.

KidStreet: What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Carolyn: Seeing the kids' cute faces two Sundays a month and becoming friends with the other volunteers.

KidStreet: Any fun stories you would like to share about your experiences with working with the children?

Carolyn: One that comes to mind is when we taught the children how to play Simon Says. While Simon Says is "old hat" to me, it was precious to see how the children became fascinated with the simple game, which was brand-new to them. That was the game request for several weeks. I think what they liked about it most was getting to tell grownups what to do!

KidStreet: What would you tell someone on the fence about volunteering?

Carolyn: I would say to give it careful thought and prayer, and if they feel a peace about it ... jump on in! It's a GREAT way to get to know other church members and form friendships with people you otherwise might never have gotten to know, and you will be surprised at  how God will bless you through the experience.

KidStreet: Anything unique about yourself you would like to share?

Carolyn: I grew up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, where my parents were Baptist missionaries. I still love the ocean and going to the beach!

KidStreet: What is your favorite color:

Carolyn:  It's a tie between royal blue and lemon yellow

KidStreet: What is your favorite food?

Carolyn: Spaghetti with meat sauce!

KidStreet: What is your favorite sports team?

Carolyn: Dallas Mavericks

KidStreet: What is your favorite hobby?

Carolyn: drawing and painting

It’s an honor to have Carolyn as a part of our Preschool Team of volunteers. We are so thankful she said ‘yes’! If you see Carolyn on the hall, be sure to let her know how much you appreciate her. If you have a three year old, hug her neck!

Thank you Carolyn for not only filling a need but filling it with love!