First Look- Can Preschoolers Really Get God?

As we continue our series on Discovering KidStreet, we’d like to introduce you to First Look. First Look is the curriculum we use in our classrooms for infants through Kindergarten.

During your child’s time on the Preschool Hallway, you will hear through every Bible story, craft and song that is sung, 3 basic but very important statements.


God Made Me


God Loves Me


Jesus Wants to be my friend forever


If you have an infant, crawler or walker on the hall, our volunteers are taking every opportunity to love on your child and share these foundational beliefs. Whether it’s a diaper change or playing with baby dolls, we encourage our volunteers to say these statements often.

If you peeked through the doors of our infant room, you might hear:

“Sweet baby Ollie, did you know that God made you? Yes he did. He loves you so much!”. And our volunteers are praying for your children too! Praying that they would know the love of Christ. Praying that the hard transition your child is feeling due to a recent move would be brief. Praying that those teeth come in soon so that mommy and baby both can sleep again!

We view the nursery classrooms as ministry opportunities and pray that you will feel the love as you drop off your precious little one with us!


If your child is ages 2- Kindergarten, their morning is busy doing age appropriate activities that all point back to these same simple truths. As they play with playdough, their teacher is reminding them that God made them. As they work on their bible craft,  they’ll be reminded through it that God loves me. They spend time in the treehouse singing songs, learning a monthly memory verse complete with memorable motions and hearing a bible story that all go back to those 3 basic truths of God Made Me, God Loves Me and Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever!

Our preschool volunteers are committed to building relationships with each child and modeling a Christlike example that shows your child over and over that God made them, that God loves them and Jesus wants ever so much to be their friend forever.

Volunteers on the Nursery and Preschool Hallway are not childcare workers; they are ministers of the gospel. We are blessed with some of the finest here at Legacy church.

So back to this question: Can Preschoolers really get God. The answer is YES!

They may not win a theological debate about Pre-trib or Post-trib, but they can articulate with conviction that God made them, God loves them and Jesus wants to be their friend forever!

If you are a parent of a preschooler, we encourage to make these three simple statements a part of your vocabulary. In everyday situations, you can share these with your child. The heart of a young child is so tender and receptive. Now is the time to till that fertile ground with the love of Jesus!


Want to learn more? Check out this video by First Look that very creatively articulates why we love First Look Curriculum! Click here and scroll down the page! 


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