It started as a survey sent out late last year asking mothers if they would be interested in some sort of mom’s group. A few months, several planning meetings, and devoted volunteers later and a MOPS committee was formed.


MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers but with so many moms in different phases of life both at Legacy and throughout the community the question was posed: “Why limit this program to just moms of preschoolers?”.


Several more meetings, additional volunteers on board and calendar tweaking and Mops and More was born.


On Friday May 15th Legacy Church hosted an interest meeting. Twenty eight women of all ages and stages showed up for a hot breakfast, warm friendly smiles and a fun craft. More than that, they showed up to start a conversation; a raw, honest conversation that sounded something like:


“I love being a mom but I feel like I’ve lost myself in the process.”


“As my children age, the problems I face are different. I may not be losing sleep because my children are teething but I am losing sleep over the choices they make as teens.”


"We tend to get so wrapped up as moms that we lose our original identity, it becomes replaced with mom and wife. Many of us deny ourselves of anything lavish or non necessity. We wear clothes from seasons, heck decades ago, we use a box hair dye or let our greys shine through because we've canceled and rescheduled salon appointments. We deny ourselves of even the simplest of joys and pleasures, and tend to wrap our identity solely in motherhood and work."


"We may have an identity of the person we want to be (and fail to be) and may have to think long and hard to find the hidden person inside, the one God created. We've deprived ourselves of our hobbies: exercising, scrap booking, reading, tennis, painting, baking & cooking, writing."


"I neglect to notice my own goodness and focus on what I need to fix. I don't even know what it would look like to celebrate myself or love things about myself. I'm drained and malnourished in my soul!"

We all know how difficult motherhood can be but MOPS and More wants to make sure that no mom feels alone. This fall we will focus on a Fierce Flourishing. Being a mom is a beautiful role. Amidst the challenges it is indeed a glorious calling. 

MOPS and More will launch in the fall and meet the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Cost is $75 and covers all supplies, crafts, childcare and food for the entire semester.

Each meeting will connect moms in similar stations of life. Mentor moms are also needed to help nurture these relationships.


If you are interested in being a part of this amazing program, please contact Lori at



“Regardless of the look of our family and background we all have this mission field {of motherhood} in common.”-Karyn Murmon