Red + Yellow = Orange {What does it mean?}

If your child has been a part of KidStreet for any length of time, you’ve probably heard phrases like; “Jesus wants to be my friend forever!” or “I need to make wise choices!” If you’ve been on our KidStreet Facebook page, you have probably seen our Parent Cue posts suggesting activities for playtime or dinner time conversation starters that point back to Sunday’s Bible lesson. If you receive our weekly parent emails, you may have gathered that we follow a pretty phenomenal curriculum widely known as Orange.

Deeper than these catchy phrases, fun activities and memorable lessons and crafts is a philosophy of:


The Love of the Family- RED


The Light of the Church- YELLOW


The Brilliance of Orange(Change) - ORANGE


In a nutshell, ORANGE believes that when the church partners with families, eternal life change takes place. It is not the responsibility of the Church to raise your child spiritually. Parents were never meant to go at it alone either. It’s a beautiful partnership. When we combine the love of the family with the light of the church, we get ORANGE. This is more than a lesson in mixing colors however.




“Every kid needs someone on their side to convince them that God is on their side”.

{Reggie Joiner}



Think back to your childhood. Did you have some in your corner telling you that God made you, that God loves you, that Jesus wants to be your friend forever? As you entered elementary school, were you hearing spiritual principles such as I need to make the wise choice? Did someone come alongside you and remind you that you could trust God no matter what?

You probably didn't hear those words exactly, but was there someone outside of your family pointing you to a loving relationship with Jesus Christ? Was there someone investing in you and your spiritual well being? Was there someone willing to listen when you struggled with the questions of life and how the God of the Bible intersected with it all?

Do you hope the same for your children. Someone who will invest time, energy, love and lots of prayer on behalf of your child?

Perhaps you did not have this growing up. Don’t you wish you did?! Don’t you want things to be different for your children?

The KidStreet staff will be the first to admit that the {love of the family} part of the equation isn’t always easy peasy. There are challenges, questions, feelings of inadequacy and lack of control. The path your child will take to trust Jesus is as different as their unique thumbprint. Will there be speed bumps along the way? Oh boy! Will there be!

Thankfully, we don’t have to do it alone!

Let the church partner with you. Let’s be ORANGE together.

KidStreet has so many resources, it can be overwhelming. Don’t try to do them all.  We’ll walk you through them in the weeks to come so you can figure out what works for you and your family.

For now. Try one of these:

Commit to attend church every week. We know vacations and sickness get in the way, but don’t let rain or sunshine or the temptation to sleep in keep you from coming to church as a family.

Ask your child about the lesson on the ride home. Try reading the Bible story together as a family during the week sometime.

Read the weekly email or keep up with our Facebook Page. Both resources will let you know what is going on and provide more ideas including crafts and videos you can use to help your family trust Jesus.


“Stories get stuck unless leaders get brave,”

{Jon Acuff}


Perhaps you’re reading this and your stage of life does not include young children. We need you. KidStreet needs you. These families need you. Children need outside influences to help alter their future.

Will you be the {light of the church} part of the equation? You have a crucial role to play in the life of a child.

Parents. Volunteers. Are you ready to get ORANGE?!

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