252 Basics: Not Your Average Children's Program

If your child is in grades 1st through 5th grade, they are a part of our Elementary Program that meets in the Block. We use the 252 Basics Curriculum {from the same makers of the First Look Curriculum use for our Babies through Preschool}.

As with our preschoolers, 252 Basics focuses on three very important truths throughout the year. These truths are based on Luke 2:52 which describes the life of Jesus.

They are:

  • I  need to make the wise choice.

  • I can trust God no matter what.

  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Here’s a glimpse into what a typical Sunday looks like for your elementary student.


Each Sunday your child is greeted by their Small Group Leader who invites them over to a conversation blanket for a quick ice breaker. During this time, the small group leader and children are getting to know each other and catching a small glimpse of the lesson.


For the months of June and July, we are talking about Conviction: standing for what is right even when others don’t. With this theme in mind, your child’s small group coach may ask a question like: “Have you ever been in a class that was going crazy because there was a substitute teacher? Did you go along with the class and go crazy?” This gives your child an opportunity to talk about a realistic situation they might encounter that lines up with the main idea.


After their small group connection, the children come together for a Large Group Time where they engage in worship and hear the Bible story in a fun and memorable way. We believe that we were all created to worship God and children are never too young to start learning and engaging in worship to their creator. Our talented Large Group Teachers have been known to show up in superhero suits, crazy hair, platform shoes, and referee jerseys. They’ll do just about anything to make the Bible lesson memorable for the children.



After the large group time, children make their way upstairs for Small Group Time where they talk {on their level} about the bottom line and review their memory verse. They’ll do activities that take the big concept and break it down. This helps the children discover what it means to live out the truths they’ve learned when they go home, when they go to school, and when they play in their neighborhood and community. For example, they might talk about how they can make the right choice and stand up for the soccer teammate who is disliked by the rest of the team. That’s conviction.


They end with prayer and then go down stairs for a  Large Group Activity before heading out the door to meet up with their parents.

Beyond the agenda of the day, KidStreet is incredibly blessed with a team of thoughtful and devoted volunteers.

Many of our volunteers follow their children to the next grade level until their class finishes 5th grade further cementing their relationship.

This is a huge part of our ministry plan.

We’ve all heard the saying: children don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Our volunteers truly care about their small group. And when these children know that they are loved and mean something to their small group leader, they will listen to a very important message: the eternal message of Jesus Christ.

We love the partnership that the Church, through small group leaders, can have with parents to lead children to a trusting relationship with Jesus.

We use fun and games to keep your child engaged but the small group leaders have the incredible opportunity to love your child and point them to Jesus.


If you don’t know your child’s small group leader, we encourage you to get to know them.  


Now that you know a little more about the curriculum we use to teach your child at church, we'll turn our attention next to how you can use what we teach at church to continue engaging your child in the Jesus conversation at home!


Next Time: Social Media, Emails and Parenting God’s Way. Do the 3 Intersect?