Meet Mark Smith


He’s tall. His voice is gruff. He’s the president of a Consulting Company and serves on the Church’s Leadership Team but on Sunday mornings you can find him working with children. Sometimes he is wearing a pirate hat, other times he’s checking in kids but he’s always engaged with the children.

Meet Mark Smith. One of KidStreet’s finest and longest serving volunteers.


KidStreet: How long have you been a part of KidStreet Volunteer Staff?

Mark:Off and on (mostly on) for 20+ years.




KidStreet:In what area do you currently serve? Have you served in other areas?

Mark: I currently serve as a Greeter for the Block.  Previously, I conducted the Teach Time for the Backyard (3-5 years old) and have worked as a small group leader, a Sunday morning coordinator and served on the Children’s Ministry Leadership Team.


KidStreet: What is your day job?

Mark: President of a Consulting/Training organization


KidStreet: Why did you start volunteering?

Mark: It was a requirement/expectation of those with Children in the ministry, but I finally connected with the vital role that volunteers play in helping children come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior


KidStreet: What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Mark: As a Greeter, I like getting to know the kids that will be coming into Student Ministry (where I serve most of the time) to help make their transition smoother.


KidStreet: Any fun stories you would like to share about your experiences with working with the children?

Mark: The most fun is seeing the kids that I was teaching as Preschoolers come to know Jesus personally and get baptized many years later.  It is exciting to know that I am so fortunate to be even a small part of their salvation story.


KidStreet:What would you tell someone on the fence about volunteering?

Mark: If you ever truly understand the vital role you can have on making disciples who faithfully follow Christ (and lead others to do the same), it will completely revolutionize your attitudes about serving in this vital ministry.


KidStreet: Anything unique about yourself you would like to share?

Mark: I love to work with my hands and Habitat for Humanity is one of my favorite outlets for this passion.


KidStreet:What is your favorite color

Mark: blue


KidStreet:What is your favorite food  

Mark: steak


KidStreet:What is  your favorite sports team

Mark: Cowboys, of course

KidStreet:What is your favorite hobby

Mark: hiking, Habitat for Humanity, swimming, general fitness


KidStreet is extremely blessed to have Mark as a part of our volunteer staff. When you see him on the hall, be sure to let him know how much you value his contribution to our children. Maybe even take him out for a steak dinner!