Camp CoPass 2015


On Monday, July 6th, 56 kids from Legacy Church and Lifepoint Church pulled out on two buses headed to Camp CoPass. Located in Denton Texas, this group of finished 3rd through 5th graders entered a wonderland of activities like Wall Climbing, Archery, Fishing, Jewelry making, Scrapbooking, Indoor Cooking, Duct Tape crafting, and Leather Making just to name a few!

They swam daily, ate delicious food and participated in daily worship services.

Keith Coast, renown speaker, comedian and illusionist, was the Camp Pastor. Each night, he used balloons, illusions and even light sabers to illustrate the message. The final evening he did an escape trick involving locked chains and a locked bag. He amazed and challenged.


At Camp CoPass, they were introduced to Dreds and Company who led several new songs with hand motions that the kids are now learning in the Block!


On Wednesday evening, 11 children from the group stood up in response to an invitation message.  A few were recommitments, others had questions and 3 from Lifepoint and 2 from Legacy made decisions to follow Christ!



The camp also provided Entertainment for each night:  Monday was a Carnival with Cotton Candy, Sno Cones and Popcorn along with dancing, volleyball, human hamster balls, trampoline bungee, wall climbing, laser tag, and so much more!   Tuesday was a group called Team Extreme with some super strong guys who could tear up phone books with their bare hands, break wooden bats over their knees, bend steel bars and break bricks all while sharing the Gospel!  Wednesday was a Scavenger Hunt and afterward our group had a Shaving Cream Fight—The kids (and leaders) loved it!!!  Thursday was a game show called Kids Blitz.


Even when it rained on Wednesday,  the kids were so great at jumping out of the pool, running off the Rec field and all going indoors.  They enjoyed being indoors as a group for a while: playing board games, painting nails and just being together.  


There was a Camper of the Week for each group and 3 of Legacy's Kids got this award: Caleb Crossman, Madilyn Falloon, and Ella Schmidt.  Great job kids!!


We hope your child was able to join us this year. We had a blast and are already planning for next year!