Meet Karen Poydence


Many people volunteer with children because they have children of their own. Often our volunteers are teachers or caregivers during the week and as a result volunteering on Sundays seems natural. Others volunteer because they have the added bandwidth of retirement or grown children. Not Karen Poydence. Karen works a busy demanding full time job and is just weeks away from getting married. Despite her busy schedule, Karen takes time to love on the children of Legacy. Check out her interview below to see why we love Karen so much and are thankful for her huge contribution to our preschoolers!


Legacy Kids: How long have you been a part of the Legacy Kids Volunteer Staff?

Karen:  About 3 years


Legacy Kids: In what area do you currently serve?

Karen:I currently serve in the Kindergarten area


Legacy Kids: What is your day job?

Karen:  I work at NMAC in the funding department as a compliance analyst.


Legacy Kids: Why did you start volunteering?

Karen:  I love teaching kiddos about Jesus


Legacy Kids: What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Karen:  It is so rewarding to see the kiddos grow in their faith, knowledge, and love for Jesus. Their faith helps my faith in Him grow. They truly brighten my day.


Legacy Kids: Any fun stories you would like to share about your experiences with working with the children?

Karen: It isn't necessarily a "fun" story but it is a true story. I have come into church a few times with just so much "stuff" on my mind that I have been praying about-I step into the classroom and just see the kids smiles, laughter, and enthusiasm and it just reminds me of Jesus’ deep love for all of us. Their happiness pours into me and restores me in that moment. It is such a blessing.


Legacy Kids: What would you tell someone on the fence about volunteering?

Karen: Come see how rewarding it truly is.


Legacy Kids: Anything unique about yourself you would like to share?

Karen: I absolutely love Mickey Mouse & I have a 26 year old Mickey. He is as old as I am :)


Legacy Kids: What is your favorite color?

Karen: Red and Black


Legacy Kids: What is your favorite food?

Karen: Fried Chicken and Pizza


Legacy Kids: What is your favorite sports team?

Karen: Packers (NFL); Mavs (Basketball); Oklahoma Sooners (College Football)


Legacy Kids is honored to have Karen to lock arms with in helping our kids trust Jesus. When you see her on the hall be sure to congratulate her on her upcoming wedding and thank her for making your child a priority and maybe bring her a Mickey Souvenir!