What is Diving In?


Diving in is a baptism class for children who have made the decision to follow Christ or are exploring what it means to trust Jesus. We invite children and their parents to come participate in this one hour class where we explore what it means to make a decision to follow Christ.

As we all know, making a decision to know Christ can take a moment but the journey of growing and deepening our relationship with him takes a lifetime.

And that is where we dive in. We dive into what it means to have a life change. Like toys that sink to the bottom of a pool we want to equip parents and children to engage in a relationship with Christ that goes deep.

Topics that will be covered include the ABC’s of Salvation, tools and resources available to help nurture your child’s spiritual growth, and take home activities to help continue the conversation at home.

If your child has made a decision to follow Christ or has been asking questions about what it means to be a Christian, we encourage you to join us on Sunday August 16th. For more information, please contact lzettler@legacychurch.org