UpGrade Sunday and Some Special Recognitions

Back to school is always a very exciting time of year for the children and student ministries of Legacy Church.

As families return from summer travel, the halls are filled once again with the laughter and joy of children. Although we've had programming all summer and quite the crowd of regular attenders and guests on Sunday's, there is still nothing quite like UpgradeSunday.


Yesterday, children ages 2-5th grade moved up to their new classrooms and were greeted by the warm smiles of our school year volunteer crew.

Prior to this momentous day, our rising first graders and sixth graders were recognized in the main service. Each first grader was presented a Bible and each sixth grader a devotional.

To the first graders, our Family and Children's Pastor Lori said:


"Kids, you have reached an important time in your life.  Because you are learning to read, a whole new world is opening up to you.  The greatest thing about reading is you can now read the BIBLE—God’s Message to you!"

And as we introduced the sixth graders moving from the children's ministry to the student ministry,  Lori shared these final words: "We have 12 amazing young men and women who we will miss greatly in The Block, but will enjoy seeing them grow while being part of the Student Ministry."


Perhaps you've heard it said before that the children are our future. What we fail to realize is that they are our present as well. Whether a child is six or sixteen, they can actively make a Christ honoring difference in their neighborhood and schools.


Legacy Kids and Students invites you to be a part of these integral ministries be it through prayer, financial support or, best of all, volunteering.

Reggie Joiner said it best: "Every kid needs someone on their side to convince them that God is on their side."


Will you be that someone this fall?

Contact Lori or JJ for more details!


****photo credit: Emily Tirado of Captured Photography by Emily****