Meet Maddie Conrad

Maddie Conrad stays busy! When she’s not teaching at her full time job or leading a life group or serving with the teenagers on Sunday nights, you can find her leading worship with the children in the Block. We caught Maddie for a minute to ask her a few questions about why she thinks Children’s Ministry is so important.



Legacy Kids: How long have you been a part of the Legacy Kids Volunteer Staff?

Maddie Conrad: 2 years!

Legacy Kids: In what area do you currently serve? Have you served in other areas?

Maddie Conrad: I serve as worship leader for the elementary students in the Block. Prior to this year, I also led a girls small group.  

Legacy Kids: What is your day job?

Maddie Conrad: I am a teacher

Legacy Kids: Why did you start volunteering?

Maddie Conrad: I love the kiddos and love spurring them on to worship and love our sweet savior.

Legacy Kids: If the reason has changed, why do you volunteer now?

Maddie Conrad: Now I see my volunteering as an opening for discipleship and deeper meaning with Christ. I also get to see them in youth which is exciting to be able to continue growing and learning with them as they get older and more mature in their faith. I see it as a wonderful opportunity to raise up young leaders in Christ who know and have a passion for Him.

Legacy Kids: What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Maddie Conrad: Seeing them grow into true worshipers and followers of Jesus.

Legacy Kids:Any fun stories you would like to share about your experiences with working with the children?

Maddie Conrad: I loved leading a small group. They always made me laugh. The funniest time was when we did a trust fall with each other and of course I let them do it with me and they totally dropped me. What was cool though is how they connected it to the lesson and how we will never fall if we trust Jesus. Such a sweet moment with them.

Legacy Kids: What would you tell someone on the fence about volunteering?

Maddie Conrad: It's worth it. It means the world to them and changes your life as well as theirs.

Legacy Kids: What is your favorite color: pink/purple/gree

Legacy Kids: What is your favorite food/ spaghetti

Legacy Kids: What is your favorite sports team/ Rangers and Aggies!

Legacy Kids: What is your favorite hobby/ running


Legacy Kids is incredibly thankful for the tremendous impact Maddie makes as she helps ours children grow in their understanding of worshipping Jesus. The next time you see Maddie, please thank her for all she does to help our children trust Jesus. Maybe even pay for a pedicure or massage for this busy phenomenal lady!