welcome to LEGACY student ministries!

Legacy Student Ministries exists to help students trust Christ as the Church at home, at school, and in the world. We desire to be a strong knit group of students (6th-12th grade) and adult leaders that will love, encourage, challenge, and strengthen one another in our love for Christ. We believe that even as young people, we are the church and exist as the Church with a focus on small group ministry, large group worship, service, and of course having lots of fun!

We currently meet on Sunday nights for FLOOD (Sunday night student service) from 6:00-7:30 pm in the FLOOD room next to the Legacy Center (follow the signs).

Looking for a place to fit in?

Anyone is welcomed and accepted, just show up!

Contact JJ or Jaime for event registration as needed, and/or for more information. 

JJ McLeod

Jaime Oliver

Looking for a place to serve?

There are two main ways to serve as a part of LC Student Ministries: as a volunteer or as a leader.

Volunteers: serving our students as a volunteer would take place whenever LC Students are having an event. This would look like setting up/tearing down, bringing/serving food, being a host home, helping with registration and whatever other needs arise for that event.

Leaders: serving our students as a leader is a serious, consistent commitment. Anyone who has a passion to be a LC student ministry leader must meet with Pastor JJ to discuss all that is expected and required. The two roles of leaders are that of a LifeGroup Leader and a LifeGroup Co-Leader. All leaders will also help plan and run any and all FLOOD services (Sunday night services) and LC Student events. 

If you desire to serve as a volunteer, please contact JJ or Jaime. If you desire to be a leader, please complete the LC Student Ministry Leader Application form and turn it into our offices or email it to JJ or Jaime.