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Key CLT Roles and Responsibilities:

•  Protect the mission and vision of Legacy Church as the benchmark for all we do.
•  Safeguard and integrate core beliefs/values of Legacy Church.
•  Align ministries with the mission and vision of Legacy Church.
•  Resource the mission and vision of Legacy Church.
•  Be a representative of the people: Heart, Eyes, Ears, Pulse.
•  Be future-oriented and proactive in managing all affairs of Legacy Church.
•  Hold Ministry Directors accountable to fulfill responsibilities.
•  Be informed and aware of activities within ministry areas and teams.
•  Review critical changes to ministry plans prior to execution and communication to the body.
•  Communicate the affairs of the church to the Servant Leader Network four times a year.
•  Provide accountability for timely selection of Servant Leader Network and ongoing engagement.
•  Identify/Develop SMART objectives for the Senior Pastor: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound.
•  Hold Senior Pastor accountable to his goals, ministry plans, objectives, budgets.
•  Provide insight and encouragement where the Senior Pastor needs guidance.
•  Hold Senior Pastor accountable for his personal spiritual development.
•  Review and approve budgets before approval by congregation including operations, staffing plans, and capital.
•  Review actual expenditures against the operating budget during the fiscal year.
•  Review/approve staffing positions and salaries prior to offer letter.
•  Review/approve actual capital expenditures greater than $5,000 prior to procurement.