God has given us great and wonderful things to which we can say “yes”. However, in order to say “yes”, we need to learn to say “no”. In saying “no”, even to the good things, we have the opportunity to say “yes” to the best things.

WEEK 1 - august 7, 2017
"never climb alone"

In this technologically-driven age, it has become quite easy to isolate ourselves. We take on the lone-wolf mentality that says, “I don't need anyone. I can pull myself up from my bootstraps. I can fend for myself.” We see in Ecclesiastes, however, that the most powerful and wisest man in the world says we need community.

WEEK 2 - august 14, 2017
"the gospel-shaped community"
acts 2:41-47
Kevin boyd

Like working out at the gym, it takes showing up regularly and determination to “do the work” in order to build true Biblical community. We read in Acts about the first gospel shaped community; a community that we can be a part of as well but it takes work.

WEEK 3 - august 21, 2017
MARK 2:1-12

It’s really inconvenient to be a good friend but that is what God is calling us to be. In Mark 12, we learn that in order to be a true friend, you have to make room for people and their brokenness. If we do it right, it makes room for the gospel to shine.