It’s a new year. Time to commit to better eating habits, more exercise, and deeper friendships. Among your goals for 2017, have you considered your relationship with God?


Here are 5 Life Hacks to make your walk with God more memorable this year.


1.     Be Yourself

If studying the Bible in the original Hebrew gives you a panic attack, perhaps a He Reads Truth Bible Study is more your speed. If you have a newborn, committing to 6am devotionals is a bit of a stretch. You might want to try listening to a book of the Bible using YouVersion’s Bible app, while doing the dishes.

2.     Keep It Simple

Your relationship with Christ doesn’t have to be complicated. Find a natural scenario that makes the time spent with God a little more achievable. Perhaps you have a long commute or your children nap in the afternoon. Instead of creating a space to study God’s word, consider the space already available.

3.     Put in the Work

Like all New Year’s resolutions, the results completely rely on the effort you put forth. If you make a commitment to read the book of John during the month of February, read the book of John during the month of February. If you commit to memorize a scripture verse each month, know what scripture passage you are working on ahead of time and work hard to memorize it. If you are committing to get up each morning to do your Beth Moore Bible study, then go to bed early, set your alarm, and get up!

4.     Have Accountability

You cannot do this alone. Make a commitment to show up to church each week. Miss a service? Listen to the podcast. Get involved with a Life Group. Allow other Christ followers to know your commitments to God and your struggles to keep them. Remember iron sharpens iron but there has to be contact for the sharpening to take place.

5.     Let the Holy Spirit Do His Work

When Samuel was a small boy, he mistook the voice of God for his master Eli. When Eli realized that God was speaking to young Samuel, he gave him this timeless advice. He said, “Tell God: Speak. For your servant is listening.”  I encourage you to do the same.

Tell God that in 2017, you are going to listen to His voice. When the Holy Spirit nudges your heart to call that friend, call your friend. If you feel led to purchase a stranger’s coffee, step out of your comfort zone and do it.

Above all else, allow God to make this year memorable. As you listen to Him, allow His word and His people to move you to do and be a truly authentic follower of Christ. Dig deep into God’s word daily. Wrestle with the parts that elude you. Seek out the advice of reputable commentaries and trusted Bible studies. Read, pray, listen, repeat. And if you do that, you are guaranteed to have a 2017 to remember.