Every new year thousands of people resolve to read the Bible with more commitment and consistency. Most of the reading plans people choose are volume based, challenging people to read a particular amount of scripture over a prescribed time.  The goal of Read Well is to focus on quality, not quantity, helping people not only read the Bible, but read it well.  We want to provide proven Bible study methods to help people develop devotional habits that not only facilitate consistency but also intimacy with God.


Where Do I Begin?

Step 1 / Take a moment to watch the videos below and choose the method that fits you best.

Step 2 / Download the corrresponding guide to your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Step 3 / Choose a place to start.  See the "What Do I Read?" section below.  

Step 4 / Tell someone what you're doing for accountability's sake.


Lectio Divina

Swedish Method


What Do I read?

If you're trying to decide where to start, open your Bible to the book of John and study one chapter each day. From there visit www.hereadstruth.com or www.shereadstruth.com to find direction on where you ought to head next.


If you have any further questions about the Bible or reading God's word feel free to contact one of our pastors at http://www.legacychurch.org/leadership