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Pastoral Epistles

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Every Sunday until November 7, 2021

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The three Pastoral Epistles in the New Testament, are written by Paul to young pastors, in the earliest days of The Church's beginnings. Timothy and Titus received practical and theological instruction to strengthen and establish churches that wouldn't only survive the difficulties of their day, but would also lead the church forward to Christ's return.  
Paul’s Pastoral Epistles are invaluable today. These letters are full of the heartfelt warnings and instructional 'how-to' for the church that characterize Paul’s ministry and reveal his pastor’s heart in caring for the churches he founded. As much of Paul's heart is pressed into these letters, we should never forget, as 2 Timothy 3:16 discloses, "All Scripture Is God-Breathed and Profitable," and so the authority in these letters belongs to God Himself, who is Spirit. 
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