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The Church in the East and the West | S3E8

November 28, 2023 Speaker: Panel Series: BWTM Season 3

Host, Darien Clark is joined by Discipleship Pastor, Justin Foster and guest, Savio Joseph. It's evident that the church looks different in the eastern hemisphere of the world versus the western hemisphere, but are they actually different? Savio and Justin both share their wisdom and experiences within church across multiple different cultures, but one thing remained: God can be worshipped and glorified in so many different ways and that is beautiful.

This is a conversation show about the things we're thinking about, the things we care about, and the things that are important to the life and culture for the people of Legacy Church in Plano, Texas. We pray this season will offer you times of encouragement, laughter, and most importantly a deeper desire to know and love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.